Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Dear Friends,

Join us.  There is a Place for You.

This fall as we see the headlines once again concerning the injustice of the Oscar Grant case and remember the actions of Arizona,  and yet hear of the courageous actions of legislators like U.S. Congresswoman Barbara Lee working for faith-based ministries,  know that there is a place for your voice and it is with the Northern California Interreligious Conference.

We are pleased to announce that we are gathering our people, people of faith, to come together around the great work of NCIC.
As we look at the specters of injustice in the financial  realm in the United States and across the world, as we see the State of Arizona's policies against the least, as we see the search for peace and justice in cases like the Oscar Grant death in the Bay Area, and as we see a void of the voice of the people of faith in the marketplace, the need for the Northern California Interreligious Conference is very evident.

If you stood with NCIC in the past, we ask that you rejoin the effort.  If you have never been a part of NCIC, now is an exciting time to join.  As we begin our initial steps back into the public discourse, the NCIC is supporting the work of the Reverend Dr. Ramona Tascoe as she serves the people of Haiti in their recovery effort, The NCIC will be represented in the march for Justice in Arizona next week and the NCIC is positioning itself to work with individuals and organizations who are in the forefront of the social justice cause.

I am humbled to be the new president of the Northern California Interreligous Conference and I am pleased to be working with a great board of directors The Reverend Bob Forsberg, Reverend Lloyd Hanson, Reverend Phil Lawson, Reverend Ramona Tascoe, and Reverend Sumner Walters,  as we stand on the shoulders of former NCIC members who have left a great legacy for us to build upon.

We hope you believe in the prophecy as we do, "the latter house will be greater than the former house" and your commitment to NCIC will help us realize that great prophecy.

Thank you for considering joining with us.


Reverend Greggory Brown